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We believe that Human Centric Lighting is the future!
We are working today on sustainable lighting technologies for tomorrow…

HCL is a way of bringing the natural changes of light intensity and color temperature indoors by using artificial light with the right brightness and color temperature to imitate natural light.

The colour temperature and intensity of the light combined with illuminated material and human perception play a new role in lighting. In addition to the visual impact and energy efficiency, it is now about optimizing the biological and emotional impact of light on human beings. The focus is on the users of light and their specific requirements.

Light is the most powerful regulator of the human Circadian Rhythm(day-night-rhythm)

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) supports human health, well-being and performance through the visual, emotional and biological effects of light. Higher motivation, increased productivity and an improved sense of wellbeing are some of the documented effects of Human Centric Lighting.

HCL solutions are typically used in offices, educational institutions and healthcare facilities, as well as for various industrial purposes. Other applications include:

  • industrial facilities, retail stores, displays
  • home and relaxation, wellness
  • hotels and restaurants
  • art and beauty.