Stand-alone system solutions

basicDIM DGC (28000920)

  • Application controller for up to 20 DALI devices (max. 10 per output channel)
  • DALI IN input
  • 2 DALI/DSI output channels with adjustable negative off set from channel 2 to channel 1
  • 1 relay output
  • Sensor input for up to 4 basicDIM DGC sensors 5DPI 14
  • 2 switch inputs for on/off switching and dimming
  • Individual adjustment of the parameters with basicDIM DGC Programmer or software masterCONFIGURATOR

basicDIM DGC Sensor 5DPI 14rc

  • Low-bay light sensor and motion detector
  • Up to 4 basicDIM DGC sensors on one basicDIM DGC (only relevant for basicDIM DGC)
  • Can be remote controlled
  • Light measurement and motion detection can be deactivated
  • Power supply via basicDIM DGC (only relevant for basicDIM DGC)

Programmer (28000646)

  • Optional infra-red programming unit for basicDIM DGC
  • Setting of predefined discrete parameter values
  • Programmable functions such as light level, time delay, bright-out, power up